Monday, April 11, 2011

True Bistro

How psyched was I when a new vegan restaurant opened up in Teele Square, walking distance from my house? So psyched that it took me nearly three months to get there! Actually, I've been dying to go to True Bistro, and have only life's busy-ness and a tendency for penny pinching to blame for not getting there sooner.

But last week an old friend came to visit from L.A., giving me the perfect excuse to plan a girls' lunch out. It was Sarah, Cathy and I -- all writers who met through Grub Street more years ago than I'd like to admit. We each have a different relationship to veganism: Sarah was raised vegetarian, although she's an omnivore now; Cathy tries to eat veg once a day; and well, you know about me already.

While the company made the lunch memorable, I'm happy to report that the food did not disappoint. First, it was really nice to feel like I could order anything on the menu, and not have to worry about hidden animal ingredients (or guilt). I ordered the "Gardein Panini" a sandwich made with Gardein "chicken," arugula pesto, cherry tomatoes and vegan mozz. I would have happily eaten this back in my carnivore days, without giving it a second thought. The "chicken" bites were satisfying and went perfectly with the creamy cheese and the zip of the arugula pesto. (I loved the latter so much that I made a version of it at home later in the week.)

I also couldn't resist ordering the vegan mac & cheese, with smoked tofu and garlic breadcrumbs. I've been eyeing the vegan m/c recipe in the Happy Herbivore cookbook, but am a little skeptical about alternative cheese. (See my post about the gluten-free/vegan pizza project.) I'm happy to say that True Bistro's version exceeded expectations. Definitely a restaurant I'll go back to.

How about you? Favorite vegan restaurants in the Boston area or beyond?

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  1. Just went to a good place in LA "green leaves". There are many options in LA. I also like millennium and café gratitude (raw) in SF.